publishing Illumo as one of the highlights of the DDW17


The first press kit showing several images and a project description of Illumo, a gesture controlled pendant lamp, is now available on is an online design magazine with over 800,000 building professionals and designers following their posts and articles. Find more information about this project on:

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3-D Printing

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Business Model

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Jos Hardeman
Eric Biermann

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Bart van Driessche

Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Bart van Driessche, master student Integrated Product Design at the Delft University of Technology. Though, ever since I was young I’ve been fascinated by design. Already during high school I delved into the subjects of fine arts and art history. I believe that a good designer thinks multidisciplinary, constantly considering elements from all design disciplines such as fashion, architecture, fine arts and product design. As a designer, I need to be very curious. Always. New designs are made daily, consumer behaviour are changing constantly, daily activities might suddenly transform into a great source of inspiration. I am always very intrigued to discover all these things that happen around me. During this discovery, I always try to analyze why something is designed the way it is designed. It helps me to make a valid judgement whether I agree or disagree with the designers choices. And only then, I can discover smaller hidden elements in good design that might not have been so obvious at the beginning.


Door Bart van Driessche
Integrated Product Design
Categorie├źn: Smart City & Living

Lighting plays an important role in social behaviour and mood of people. The use of lighting for interior design solutions is still mainly seen as a functional application. This raises the question whether the design of lighting can be redefined so that it significantly impacts (social) human behaviour and mood of people.