DDW - Cocreation session 2: How to create a healthy workplace?

25-10-2018 | 15.15-16.15h | Locatie: Living Lab Provincie Brabant - presentation space at Ketelhuisplein

Do you care about your work environment? Would you like to have a say in how it is designed in the future? Let’s brainstorm together!

It is widely known that the quality of our indoor environment is important for our own health, we still do not test it. Lacking post-occupancy evaluation of buildings has led to a sheer 59% of people being satisfied with their indoor environment. Satisfaction with your environment is an indication of the quality of the environment and can increase aspects such as vitality and productivity, that are key factors at a workplace.
So how do we enable people to test their indoor environment and gather feedback about the performance of buildings?
We will dive into discussions to exchange ideas on the topic: How will future offices contribute to our better health at our workplaces? How would you like to indicate your opinion to control your work environment? To make use of technology advancements, how would you use a device/system that would allow you to give feedback about the indoor environment? 
Do you have thoughts on a healthy workplace? Great! Register now and join this session. See you there! 

The other session takes place on Sunday October 21 at 11.30h in case this date does not suit your calendar.