Accelerate Young Leadership program

“For most companies, there’s no shortage of ideas. The difficult bit is making ideas actually happen".
John Oswald, Global principal of the advisory team at Futurice

Short information

You'll develop a dynamic vision on your leadership profile and learn lean methods and tools to lead teams to results. As developing a design mindset is aimed on, designers are supporting this course in several modules to perform a high level of Design Thinking right from the source. Unique is the context of young startups in the network of Designforum, where you catch on learnings and inspiration.
The program consists of 5 modules or labs. In all labs you'll project theoretical insights on practical issues, either individually or in small teams. This flow provides relevancy and room for experiment with newly acquired leadership skills until you decide to transfer them to your daily job to be done. Because we stay close to the work floor practices you can integrate parts of the program into your daily activities. Moreover, this program not only provides personal insights, but also directly benefits your organization.

Take aways

After attending this course:
• You can communicate more effectively in multidisciplinary teams;
• You will demonstrate the process of innovation management when encountering new ideas;
• you can apply Design Thinking for problem-solving;
• you can demonstrate mentorship and leadership skills in the context of a talent development;
• You have expanded your network and can effectively share your experience and knowledge about mentorship in the innovation ecosystem;
• You can convince early adopters and built commitment using change management skills;
• You can effectively present and transfer knowledge and ideas to a larger audience;
• You can interactively moderate stakeholder's meetings;

A design mindset is solution-oriented

What do you get?



Based on the submitted cases we scout designers (graduated HBO-WO) who are equipped and eager to dive into your challenge



You introduce the case so designers can explore the involved issues together


Speed dates

Meet and select the Designers you want to work on the specific challenge.



Creative problem solving by the selected designers resulting in different scenarios


Progress Presentations

Monitor the progress and choose directions on strategic moments


Team engagement

Weighing scenario's with your employees, in an interactive meeting led by the designers involved.

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