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“For most companies, there’s no shortage of ideas. The difficult bit is making ideas actually happen".
John Oswald, Global principal of the advisory team at Futurice

Submit a Case

Designforum specializes in optimizing innovation and entrepreneurship through Design Thinking. A select group of top designers work on real life cases that are presented by companies and organizations looking for new perspectives on issues that concern improvement or innovation. Are you dealing with an issue that needs solution thinking? Within the program Making Ideas Happen we can offer you three different 'case solving' approaches. For more information download the brochure.

  • 1. Pressure Cooker Case S
  • 2. Pressure Cooker Case M
  • 3. Pressure Cooker Case L

Reasons to submit a case

Young design talents convert your innovative ideas in a value proposition that will be accepted and embraced. They design different scenarios and out of the box strategies for engagement and implementation.

  • A careful matching proces
  • New perspectives & new solutions
  • Bottom up engagement

A design mindset is solution-oriented

What do you get?



Based on the submitted cases we scout designers (graduated HBO-WO) who are equipped and eager to dive into the subjects



You introduce the case so designers can explore the involved issues together


Speed dates

Meet and select the Designers you want to work on the specific challenge.



Creative problem solving by the selected designers resulting in different scenarios


Progress Presentations

Monitor the progress and choose directions on strategic moments


Team engagement

Weighing scenario's with your employees, in an interactive meeting led by the designers involved.

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