Venture Mentor Program

Entrepreneurs with great ideas and good planning +
Mentors with proven skills and experience =
a greater chance of success

Who is applying?

You want to encourage others to achieve their goals and understand that building a startup support team is decisive for succes. You have the ambition to convert your experience and knowledge into new venture development. This training combines learning with practising mentor skills in a real life startup environment. Watch the startup community from inside out, contribute to meaningful initiatives and learn how passion, planning and sense of reality lead to results!

reasons to follow this program

Develop leadership and intrapreneurship in the inspiring context of a unique fieldlab. Learn theoretical concepts of mentoring and apply these in real life cases around young Design Startups. This unique training concept guarantees a great transfer to your own working environment.

  • Experience the value of an entrepreneurial mindset to enhance team performances.
  • Learn how to add value as a mentor in the dynamics of new venture planning.
  • Be part of an inspiring and experienced community of venture mentors, with a variety of interesting expertise and contribution.

“Thank you for joining me, for seeing value in what I do, and for guiding me along this path to entrepreneurship"

What's in it for you?


A four days training

Methods and tools for mentoring, design thinking and entrepreneurship


A personal Talentscan

A remarkable model to gain insight in your natural leadership styles



We connect you to at least five young startup founders, for you to explore their mission and strategy


Match meetings

Based on our exellent matching method you meet two selected startup founders to discuss their roadmaps more into depth


Startup fieldlab

Join the startup scene with other venture mentors to bring the new acquired Venture Mentor skills into practice



One on one coaching sessions to improve the effectiveness as a Venture Mentor


Knowledge Sharing Event

A Network Event to present learnings and results on the subject 'work like a startup'


Dutch Design Week expo

You and your company's brand vissible on the Design to Market show during the Dutch Design Week


Community membership

Inspiring meetings to stay connected with the growing community of designers and venture mentors in the future

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