Design Thinking Program

Great ideas plus good design plus entrepreneurial skills make a great chance of success

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Designforum is a case-based academy, specialised in enhancing innovation and an entrepreneurial attitude through Design Thinking. Training, workshops, speeddates and design-sessions are part of this track that combines theoretical concepts and fieldlab practice. This program consists of three courses, for more information download the brochure.

  • 1. Intrapreneurial Leadership
  • 2. Accelerate Your Career
  • 3. Better in Business

Take aways

Develop leadership and business sense in the inspiring start up context.

  • A repeatable method for Design Thinking as an approach to generate solutions with impact.
  • Use tools that startup founders apply to drive new initiatives.
  • Learn how to foster an idea from concept to realisation to adoption.

A true innovation is decided by the market success, and thus, the customer engagement

What do you get?



Workshops, methods and tools for leadership, design thinking and entrepreneurship


A personal Talentscan

Insights in your natural leadership styles



Co-create with young startup leaders and experienced experts


Design Thinking

Graduated designtalent teach how to apply this method for creative problem solving



One on one coaching sessions to improve personal effectiveness


Knowledge Sharing Event

A Network Event to present learnings and results

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