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Innovation Leadership Program

Innovation Leadership Program

Leadership is needed to pursue innovation and make improvement ideas come to fruition. With the program Innovation Leadership we aim to develop new leaders who know how to foster new initiatives and drive innovation. Leaders that can guide teams on the rocky road from idea to realisation and play a vital role in multidisciplinary collaboration. Who want to create a significant impact in a learning organisation.
Designforum is a case-based academy which means that during the program you'll practice on real life cases brought in by the participants themselves, Professional designers and startup entrepreneurs will contribute to the development of the cases at hand. This program not only provides personal insights, but also directly benefits your organization. We'll start twice a year and aim at a varied group of professionals from business, industry and government.

In this course you’ll develop innovation leadership skills combining your in-depth expertise with boundary crossing competencies. You’ll be capable of strengthening the company climate on business-thinking, innovation and organizational learning.  Executives, consultants, and startups contribute in this program, offering their methods and perspectives and creating a setting where innovation leadership can be practiced on real life cases.

Module 1: The first module of Innovation leadership addresses the skillset necessary for leading projects for means of improvement or innovation, which are often ill-defined problems with uncertain outcomes. Understanding leadership and setting up a credible case make for a solid base to build on. For design driven innovation you need to know how to construct a strong value proposition and how to communicate this effectively.

Module 2: Innovation leadership requires striking a balance between two conflicting roles: encouraging innovative ideas versus limiting new initiatives, to ensure that only the most feasible and useful innovations are supported. In this three day’s course we’ll focus on assessing what initiatives to foster, consideringall aspects that should be taken into account for a successful completion. In addition to this specific leadership qualities are trained needed to make people actively committed to reach shared goals.

Module 3 (for post HBO or post WO certificate): Only a few organizations are confident about their ability to drive innovation effectively. For leaders who are looking to pursue ideas into game changing improvements thereisn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Next to toolsets, skillsets a collective mindset needs to be developed. During this three days module we’ll set a foundation for constructing a compelling vision that inspires and gives direction, for trouble shooting when necessary and for passing on your learnings and results to others.  

After passing the second module you can choose for a follow up module, either awarded with an official post HBO or a post WO certificate, depending on your previous education.

Extra coaching optional
Extra individual coaching can be provided on request

Course language
English or Dutch depending on the composition of the group 
Enhancing an intrapreneurial approach towards leadership, will have a major impact on team performance and plays an essential role in supporting new initiatives from the idea stage to sustainable implementation. After attending this program:
  • You'll receive a post HBO or post WO diploma depending on you previous education;
  • You can apply your innovation leadership skills to create more impact personally or support incompany startups
  • You are capable of managing by results in a way that suits your style, your colleagues and your organization;
  • You demonstrate an intrapreneurial mindset and will have a hands-on understanding of business dynamics to maximize value creation and commitment;
  • You will demonstrate a T-shaped professionality; i.e. you are capable of approaching a problem flexibly from different perspectives, you are competent in a variety of team roles and you collaborate more efficiently in multidisciplinary teams; 
  • You can foster the growth of new initiatives in your own working environment, from idea to concept to implementation;
  • You can facilitate the process of Design Thinking as a successful problem-solving approach that is increasingly prevalent in learning organizations;
  • You can effectively present and transfer knowledge and ideas to a larger audience
Training advice
If you have questions or want to discuss whether this course suits your needs, please call Jos Hardeman, program leader at 0031 6 41051186
Your organization strives for a high performance and you are a professional who continuously seeks for opportunities to innovate and improve products, services and processes. In your current position you can make a difference in terms of driving innovation and improvement.
Our group of participants has on average 2-8 years of work experience and who work up, down and across the organization. Furthermore we welcome participants who:
  • need to enhance leadership skills as part of the career planning;
  • need to optimize their impact on team-, and talent development
  • want to drive innovation and an intrapreneurial attitude
Designforum is a case-based academy which means that learning is done by working on real life cases, brought in by you and / or by other participants. An interview is part of the intake procedure to give direction to these options in the context of suitability and your personal development goals.,

Training advice
If you have questions or want to discuss whether this course suits your needs, please call Jos Hardeman, program leader at 0031 6 41051186
Training advice
If you have questions or want to discuss whether this course suits your needs, please call Jos Hardeman, program leader at 0031 6 41051186
The tuition is:
Innovation Leadership I, 3,5 days € 1020,-excluding 21% Dutch VAT.
Innovation Leadership II, 3,5 days € 1020,-excluding 21% Dutch VAT.
Innovation Leadership III, 3,5 days € 1190,-excluding 21% Dutch VAT.

Pricing includes: all course materials and registration for our online learning space.
Lunch on course days.
Regarding module 3: pricing is exclusive certification (Post HBO-Post WO) € 390,- 
The above mentioned prices are based on a group of min 8 and max 16 participants.
The course takes place at the location of Designforum on Strijp-S Eindhoven. In addition we'll be visited by several inspiring Startups as context for the Fieldlab sessions.

Please contact us if you want more information on our incompany training possibilities.

23-24-25 march 2020
Innovation leadership module I

23-24-25 may 2020
Innovation leadership module II

24-25-26 august 2020
Innovation leadership module III

For whom
Innovation Leadership is a program for people who are involved in optimizing daily operations and in creating the required change of mindset to an improvement culture. The program is set in a network of leaders, innovators and design thinkers. Exchange of knowledge and cooperation with other participants are also of great importance. The group of participants consists of managers, team leaders, entrepreneurs and startups. Do you want to:
  • Contribute more to the development of your organization?
  • Support an idea from concept to implementation?
  • Make a difference with regards to innovation power?
  • Learn essential strategies from technical and creative start-ups?
  • Practice tools and methods related to Design Thinking and Lean Innovation?
Post HBO / Post WO
The program consists of two consecutive modules of 3,5 days, you can separately register for. After joining these two modules, you can decide for an in-depth follow up training of 3,5 days which is rewarded with post HBO / post WO certificate. 
The training program rests on three pillars:
  • The Best Lectures of Leaders, for sharing actual knowledge and theoretical frameworks. 
  • Start-up Sessions, planned to explore new insights in small multidisciplinary groups.
  • Experienced trainers and coaches who ensure that you maximize the training results  with regards to your own learning objectives.